Tips on How You Can You Stay Calm At the Dentist

Angst, anxiety, trepidation, dread, unease, worry, trembling, and aversion! All these words say the same thing: Fear!  While some things we should, rightfully, be afraid of, but other times it can detour us from doing something that is vital. When … Continued

How Is Tooth Pain Treated?

What is tooth pain? A sore tooth will invariably show up at the most inconvenient times and ranks right up there with having a throbbing headache — a miserable feeling! The first step is evaluating what type of tooth pain … Continued

How to Store Your Toothbrush and Keep It Sanitary

There is a right way and a wrong way to store a toothbrush. You can do everything right in terms of cleaning your teeth and gums and still end up with problems if you do not store your toothbrush properly. … Continued

Reasons You May Have a Loose Dental Crown

Dental crowns are firmly connected, yet they have the potential to loosen in due time. If your crown loosened, you probably feel quite unsettled. Do not panic. Meet with your dentist as quickly as possible for an analysis. The dentist … Continued

7 Tips For Peridontal Health

Is your periodontal health as good as it can be? Periodontology, also known as periodontics, is a specialty area for dentists who want to focus on finding the best ways to support structures of the teeth, which includes finding the … Continued

Help! My Dental Filling is Loose

If your dental filling has become loose it is likely that it will fall out, making it necessary to see a dentist as soon as possible for repair. There are quite a few reasons why a dental filling will become … Continued

How to Fix Gaps in Teeth

People no longer view gaps in teeth like in the past.  It is quite surprising that some celebrities and everyday people view gaps in teeth as stylish.  However, plenty of people do not like the look of gapped teeth. If … Continued

6 Benefits of Getting Sleep Apnea Treated

Sleep apnea has the potential to ruin your life.  If you cannot get a full night of rest, you will be groggy during the day.  At some point, you will begin to wonder: “What is the point of being awake … Continued

7 Foods For Healthy Teeth

Wondering what kind of foods you should eat for the healthiest teeth? Having a healthy mouth means having healthy teeth and one of the best ways to support having a healthy mouth is to make healthy food choices. Makes sense, … Continued

Can a Tooth Implant Be Removed?

Wondering if a tooth implant can be removed? Also known as a dental implant, while it is indeed possible to remove a tooth implant it is not suggested. The reason why the topic of whether or not a tooth implant … Continued