5 Signs You Need Periodontics Treatment

Receding gums, severe tooth pain, and tooth sensitivity necessitates periodontics treatment. The leading cause of gum disease is the accumulation of toxin-emitting bacteria between human teeth, resulting in gum corrosion. As a disclaimer, Dr Kak is a general dentist with specialized training in Periodontics.

According to dentists, this disease is the leading cause of tooth loss cases among adults. Unfortunately, millions of patients across the world only come to learn about their condition at that point after severe damage takes place.

This is largely attributed to the reluctance of many people to go for regular dental checkups and the fact that gum disease has extremely few and unclear early-stage symptoms. The few underlying symptoms in most cases are overlooked as people assume that brushing and flossing are enough to kill the harmful bacteria. Fortunately, gum disease is treatable at all stages even though the more advanced the stage is, the more expensive it is to treat.

Do you care about your oral health? Then do not wait for your teeth to fall off.

Visit a periodontist for check-up and treatment immediately you see these 5 signs:

1. Testing positive for HIV or diabetes

Diabetes is a leading cause of gum disease. Research has shown that oral bacteria thrive in sugar-concentrated saliva, a condition that is common with diabetic people. HIV, on the other hand, affects the body's immunity and consequently weakens the gums.

Testing positive for any of these two diseases should serve as a sign that your gums need protection from bacteria; time for periodontics treatment.

2. Pain when eating

The moment bacteria multiplies and gets the better part of your tooth root, infections develop. These infections lead to mild and at times unbearable pains around the teeth, making eating a daytime nightmare. It is in the best interest of your teeth that you visit a periodontist immediately you start feeling pain in your gum line.

3. Changes in bite patterns

Have you noticed any changes in the way you bite or chew? If you have, then chances are that your teeth are becoming loose. Rushing to the dentist early enough increases the chances of saving your loosening teeth through nonsurgical and inexpensive means. In the event that the infection is too severe, then your periodontist will use grafting or surgery to save your smile.

4. Red gums and bad breath

Unusual reddishness or swollenness around your gums is a sign that the gums are infected and are most-likely receding. Chronic bad breath, which at times generates a sour taste, can be a symptom of toxin-filled saliva. As the bacteria multiply, the bad breath and sour taste remain in your mouth even after brushing. When you see this, seek expert medical advice.

5. Bleeding gums

Unless you overdo it, brushing or flossing should not result in bleeding gums. If you notice blood in your saliva after brushing or flossing, it's time for a visit to the periodontist.

Experiencing any of the discussed symptoms? You do not have to panic. Visit ATI Dental Care to see a periodontist in Naperville to have your gum problems sorted so that you can smile at the world with confidence. Call us at (630) 228-7046.

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