6 Benefits of Getting Sleep Apnea Treated

6 Benefits of Getting Sleep Apnea Treated

Sleep apnea has the potential to ruin your life. If you cannot get a full night of rest, you will be groggy during the day. At some point, you will begin to wonder: “What is the point of being awake if I am half-asleep during the day?” Do not let sleep apnea turn your life upside down. Receive treatment for your sleep apnea and your life will improve in all sorts of ways.

Do you remember what it was like to wake refreshed and full of energy, ready to take on the day? Sleep apnea treatment can help you regain this energy and alertness. You need to be alert and energetic to succeed at work, school, and with interpersonal relationships.

Improved Sleep

When an apnea event occurs, the upper respiratory system's relaxed tissues block the oxygen. This prevents the oxygen from reaching the lungs. The lack of oxygen triggers the brain to wake from sleep to communicate to the body that the respiratory effort must increase to open up the airway. The problem is the brain can wake up the patient several times each hour.

Sleep Apnea Treatment can Even Benefit Your Bed Partner

Those who suffer from sleep apnea snore and snort rather loudly during the night. This noise can sabotage your bed partner's ability to sleep. Have your sleep apnea treated and your significant other will be able to enjoy a truly restful night of sleep that is not interrupted by annoying snoring.

Improved Short-term Comfort

Sleep apnea patients tend to be exhausted, frustrated, angry and generally uncomfortable. Some even suffer from dry mouth and headaches in the morning. These are extremely challenging issues to deal with. Sleep apnea treatment will improve your comfort in the short-term, allowing you to obtain the restful sleep you need.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Also Improves Long-term Health

This disorder has the potential to spur some nasty long-term health issues. By choosing sleep apnea treatment right away, you will begin to increase the chances of living a long, healthy, and happy life. Otherwise, your sleep apnea will continue to interfere with your sleep. This interference will only heighten the risk for problems like a heart attack, hypertension, and liver issues.

Prevent Complications With Surgery and Medication

Those who have undiagnosed sleep apnea will not receive any form of assistance and ultimately face a high risk for complications with medicine and surgery. General anesthesia provided during a surgery can lead to some breathing issues in a patient who has untreated sleep apnea.

Medications like narcotic analgesics and other options will relax the upper airways that much more, making the sleep apnea symptoms even worse. If you suspect you have sleep apnea or know you have it, meet with ATI Dental Care right away to develop the appropriate treatment plan. Have your sleep apnea treated and you will enjoy the benefits outlined above.

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