7 Foods For Healthy Teeth

Wondering what kind of foods you should eat for the healthiest teeth? Having a healthy mouth means having healthy teeth and one of the best ways to support having a healthy mouth is to make healthy food choices. Makes sense, right? While the majority of people surely understand that choosing to eat healthy means choosing foods that are high in nutrition this is not always easy to do. People are busy these days and for that reason, many choose to eat while on the go, even though they are still able to make good choices that are best for their teeth.

According to Live Science, a growing body of research is finding that eating certain foods may be good for overall teeth health.

Food choices

The food choices we make have a direct influence on our overall health as well as our dental health. Choosing to eat foods that offer little or no nutritional qualities can easily lead to a number of various health issues, including mouth issues. For those who find it difficult to make the best food choices for their health, scheduling an appointment with an experienced nutritionist can be extremely beneficial.

People should avoid the following when they are looking for the best ways they can support their ability to have healthy teeth for many years to come – processed foods, foods high in sugar, foods high in fat.

7 foods for healthy teeth

When most people hear the term healthy foods the first thing that often comes to mind is a bunch of fruits and vegetables. While eating fruits and vegetables is a great option when it comes to choosing foods that are healthy for teeth there are other options, as well.

  1. Probiotic foods. Probiotic foods contain the beneficial bacteria needed to combat the bad bacteria that can cause cavities. Probiotic choices include yogurt, sauerkraut, herbs, pickled vegetables, kefir and fermented foods like cabbage.
  2. Cranberries. Cranberries, along with blueberries and raspberries contain a lot of the phytochemical anthocyanin, which is said to stop the attachment and colonization of pathogens on the teeth.
  3. Arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that could alter someone’s oral PH potentially reducing their chances of getting any cavities. Foods that are rich in arginine include spinach, eggs, seafood, nuts and soy.
  4. Cheese. Aged cheeses are shown to increase saliva flow, which in turn can help to wash any food particles that may be stuck in the teeth.
  5. Calcium-rich. Choosing to eat foods that are high in calcium is a great way to make sure one’s teeth stay strong and is especially important for children. Calcium-rich foods include whole milk, yogurt and broccoli.
  6. Greens. Leafy greens contain a high number of vitamins and minerals with a rule of thumb that the darker the greens the more nutrients they contain. Great leafy green choices include spinach and kale.
  7. Fruits and vegetables of course. Choosing to eat any combination of fruits and vegetables is going to support healthy teeth. Fruits and vegetables are not only chock full of a wide variety of nutrients their crunchiness can also help clean the teeth and keep them strong.

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