Are Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings Better Than Silver Ones?

Are Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings Better Than Silver Ones?

As far as dental fillings, you have three primary options. The first are amalgams, the second gold and the third tooth-colored. Although few people select gold, both silver and natural colored remain popular. The question — which one is better? The information provided will help you make the appropriate choice. However, your dentist will also offer guidance.

Controversy about dental fillings

Some people believe that silver dental fillings are outdated and possibly harmful. The reason is the materials used. Amalgams contain metal, including mercury. Therefore, a lot of individuals have these replaced with fillings that look like natural teeth. Even so, silver fillings have changed significantly over the years. Today, dentists use non-harmful materials.

Benefits of silver fillings

While silver dental fillings are visible, these offer some distinct advantages over the tooth-colored ones. For instance, the materials used are incredibly strong. That means these fillings can withstand a great deal of biting pressure. Not only that, but it typically takes a dentist less time to fill a tooth with silver dental fillings. As a bonus, these are a more cost-effective option.

However, silver dental fillings have some drawbacks. For one thing, if someone eats or drinks a lot of hot and cold food and beverages, these can expand. If that happens, the filling could fall out. Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages is a dentist must remove more of the patient’s natural tooth. Also, it usually takes several hours for the material to fully harden.

Benefits of tooth-colored fillings

The number one reason so many people opt for tooth-colored dental fillings is they look like a natural tooth. When yawning, laughing or talking, no one would know the person had a cavity filled. Unlike silver fillings that can cause sensitivity issues, that problem is nonexistent. These fillings are completely harmless and strong. Also, the dentist does not have to remove as much of the natural tooth as with silver fillings.

One of the downsides of tooth-colored dental fillings is the cost. However, considering all the benefits, it is a small investment to make. It is important for the individual to brush and floss regularly as these can stain. This is especially a problem with things like wine, coffee and tobacco products. Something else worth noting is that on back teeth, these are not as strong as silver fillings.

So which one is best?

It all comes down to the patient and the reason for having the filling. When consulting with a dental professional, the two can determine the appropriate type. Regardless, dental fillings play a critical role. They seal holes to prevent decay from spreading. They also prevent bacteria and plaque from getting inside.

Talk to your dentist

The bottom line is that both silver and tooth-colored dental fillings work great. If you suspect a problem, you want to see your dentist right away. By waiting, a tiny cavity could turn into a big problem. A simple visit to a dental clinic is all it takes to identify an issue and have it fixed. Take care of your teeth and enjoy a beautiful smile.

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