Can a Tooth Implant Be Removed?

Wondering if a tooth implant can be removed? Also known as a dental implant, while it is indeed possible to remove a tooth implant it is not suggested. The reason why the topic of whether or not a tooth implant can be removed is because a tooth implant is a permanent dental fixture. This has some dental patients wondering if they have the option to change their mind when choosing this particular dental procedure. While it is possible to remove a tooth implant, removing implants is only done if there happens to be an issue with the implant itself.

Dental technology has come a long way over the past few decades and for that reason, dental patients have a lot of options when it comes to fixing any oral issues they may be currently experiencing.

Tooth implants

Tooth implants are commonly used in dental practices today as it is one of the top dental procedures recommended that can help people who are missing one, two or more teeth in their mouth. Tooth implants are indeed considered to be very safe and are successful about 98 percent of the time, which is a very high percentage when it comes to dental success rates. The other 2 percent of patients who have received one or more tooth implants will experience some type of issue with the implant and is accordingly known as a failed tooth implant.

Can a tooth implant be removed?

Yes, a tooth implant can be removed. When a patient has a tooth implant that has failed then a dentist can remove the failed implant in order to replace it with another one. The process of removing an implant is not always a simple one as the implant is surgically fused into the jawbone tissue. This requires the skill of an experienced dentist as they will have to not only remove and replace the implant, they will also have to figure out the best way to make sure that it does not happen again. Most implants that fail do so within a period of about six months of having the surgical procedure performed.

If the implant has been in their patient’s mouth for more than a year and the patient is experiencing problems the implant can still be removed and replaced. The reason for the failed tooth implant, in this case, is most likely due to some type of infection making it necessary for a dentist to clean and repair the affected area first before being able to put in another, new tooth implant.

The implant removal procedure tends to be very meticulous and therefore requires a very skilled and experienced dentist to perform the procedure. Especially for patients who have had a tooth implant for a long time as it will fuse and accordingly integrate into the jawbone requiring a professional’s help.

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