Can Oral Health Cause Headaches?

Can Oral Health Cause Headaches?

Oral health causing headaches? Absolutely, if you are constantly grinding away at your teeth during the night there is a possibility that you are the culprit when it comes to the headaches that you are getting.

Are you constantly getting headaches? Are you relating them to tension headaches?

There has been plenty of research on the Humana health website, apparently and according to the article, which can be read by clicking here, oral health issues can be a direct cause of headaches. It is also important to note that even the most simplistic cavities can cause you a headache. Think about it this way, the cavity is located on your head, therefore the pain can migrate to close by regions on your body.

Are you experiencing an overbite or an underbite, or perhaps you have missing teeth? If this is true, you need to speak to a nearby dentist who can assist you in figuring out the problem in your mouth that is bringing on your headaches.

Oral health can cause headaches because of the following factors:


•Missing teeth



•Grinding teeth at night


Once you consult with your nearby dentist, you will be presented with solutions to your problem. Soon, you will be headache-free and able to experience a more aesthetic smile. If you have cavities, your dentist will fill them, but you need to make sure that your dentist is not stuck in old-fashioned ways, aka—using mercury fillings.

If you are missing teeth, your dentist can provide you with a replacement as long as your surrounding gums are healthy. Having an overbite or an underbite will be treated with braces or similar treatments, depending on your severity. If you grind your teeth, you will be destroying them with your own bone force. You will need to ask your dentist to provide you with a mouth guard that is specifically meant for your condition. This will protect your teeth at night and provide you with peace of mind when you snooze.

If you suffer from TMJ, you will have to make sure that you schedule an immediate appointment with a qualified dentist in your area, he or she will make sure that your jaw muscles are working as they should be. If for some reason you are having trouble with your jaw muscles, you need to know that this can be managed and treated with the right dentist who cares about the way your oral health looks and feels.

Schedule an appointment now and stop the headaches

Suffering from any type of mouth condition is more than bothersome, it can affect your daily life, especially if we are constantly getting a headache left and right. Once we are able to get to the root of the oral health issue, we can begin to solve the condition and stop dealing with these headaches. It could be something very simple like not drinking enough water during the day, but you will need to discuss treatments with your dentist to find a solution.

What’s the bottom line?

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