Got A Chipped Tooth? Potential Problems This Dental Issue Can Cause

Recently chip your tooth? Having a chipped tooth is one of the top reasons why someone will hide their smile. Fortunately, there are a number of dental advances that people are using these days to fix any damaged teeth they have so that they can feel confident when they smile. While chipping a tooth can indeed be fixed for a better smile, this is definitely not the only reason why it is necessary to fix any damaged teeth. Sometimes a tooth that has been chipped, broken, fractured or cracked can lead to someone having additional oral problems, making it essential for them to have a dentist look at the damage as soon as possible.

If you have recently chipped one of your teeth and are in need of a dental professional so that you can get a professional evaluation, be sure to call us today for an initial consultation.

What exactly does a chipped tooth mean?

A chip tends to describe a small tooth break. There are varying degrees when it comes to a damaged tooth. Some chips, cracks or breaks will be minor and for that reason may not even be noticed for a while. If this type of tooth damage is not addressed in a timely manner it can easily lead to additional oral problems, which will likely cause the patient more time and more money. When someone experiences a chipped tooth through some form of trauma, like falling down, it is more likely that they will feel some form of pain, requiring professional tooth repair as soon as absolutely possible.

Potential problems with a chipped tooth

While some people may think that having a chip in their tooth is no big deal, it can lead to experiencing additional dental problems. The following are some of the potential problems that can come out of the situation if not addressed by a dental professional in a timely manner.

  • If the chip is sharp it can cut the inside of the mouth, which can potentially lead to a mouth infection.
  • If the chip is severe it may need a crown. If left alone it can potentially lead to the tooth cracking because it is now weaker, possibly requiring a root canal.
  • Anytime the integrity of a tooth is compromised it can lead to tooth sensitivity problems.
  • Anytime the tooth enamel is compromised there is a higher chance of that particular tooth developing tooth decay.

We can help!

If you currently have a chipped tooth and would like to schedule a professional dental evaluation be sure to call us at your earliest convenience. Even though the chip may be small, it can easily lead to additional mouth problems. If the chip happens to be in one of your front teeth, the dentist will explain the best cosmetic options so that you can continue to feel confident every time you smile.

Our professional dental team is ready to answer any chipped tooth questions you may have so be sure to contact us when you have a moment or two to spare.

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