How Is Tooth Pain Treated?

Posted on: July 4, 2018

tooth pain

What is tooth pain?

A sore tooth will invariably show up at the most inconvenient times and ranks right up there with having a throbbing headache — a miserable feeling!

The first step is evaluating what type of tooth pain you have so you can explain it to your dentist. Is it a sharp pain, like a knife is stabbing the tooth. or is it a slow, throbbing ache? Is it a generalized pain that radiates inside your mouth? Until you can discuss your tooth pain with your professional dentist, there are tried and true quick fixes that can provide relief.

Tooth pain treatments

One of the oldest remedies to stop toothache pain is salt and warm water. Just mix one tablespoon of salt into an eight-ounce glass of warm water. Rinse without swallowing, gargle and then spit it out. Repeat as needed. This draws out fluids from the gums causing the ache or pain. Another quick fix is to wrap ice in a washcloth to form a cold compress; place it over the side of the face where the pain coming from.

Eating is probably the last thing on your mind when your tooth hurts, but you still might want to head for the kitchen rather than the bathroom medicine chest for relief. Apple cider vinegar has acidic content that can kill the bacteria causing the pain in your tooth. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The alcohol base in vanilla, almond or lemon extract can have a numbing effect and bring relief. Putting a dab of one of these solutions on a cotton swab and wiping the bad tooth should give quick pain relief.

You can also try a fresh potato, onion, or chilled cucumber slice. A slice of a medium-sized potato held on the inside cheek against the bad tooth can remove excess moisture and reduce any swelling. You can also try mashing the potato with some sea salt to make a paste to apply to the tooth.

Garlic and onions are antimicrobial, which means they can kill bacterial germs. Try chewing on a raw slice of fresh onion for a few minutes, or holding it in the mouth and then biting to release juices that reduce tooth pain. Crushing a clove of garlic into a paste and placing on the tooth will also bring relief. If you do not have potatoes, garlic or onions, use a fresh cucumber slice or mash the cucumber into a paste and put against tooth for pain and inflammation relief.

These remedies are meant to help you find pain relief until you can see a dentist. Do not attempt any self-initiated treatment if there are other issues associated with your tooth pain, such as fever, chills, trouble swallowing or breathing or a foul-smelling discharge. If you have any of these symptoms, go immediately to a hospital ER for professional diagnosis. Also, do not attempt to alleviate tooth pain by holding aspirin directly on the tooth or gum, as this can burn mouth tissue and cause an ulcerated sore.

When you have tooth pain or any other teeth issues, call your dentist to make an appointment as soon as possible.

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