Is It Important to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

A chipped tooth may not be the most ideal issue, but does it need to be fixed to maintained good oral health? The simple answer to this question is most often yes, but still, it should not be viewed as a burden, because fixing a chipped tooth is often non-invasive and can carry many oral health and cosmetic benefits.

The importance of repairing a chipped tooth

A chipped tooth can be a concerning oral health issue, causing problems such as severe tooth sensitivity, a less-than-desirable smile and in some instances, tooth loss. The following is everything to know about why it is important to repair a chipped tooth and how to avoid suffering from a chipped tooth in the future.

Benefits of fixing a chipped tooth

The benefits of fixing a chipped tooth go beyond improving a cosmetic concern and providing the patient with a better smile, although that is certainly a major selling point for many. In addition, there are health benefits when fixing a chipped tooth, such as avoiding tooth sensitivity and minimizing the risk of an oral infection. Fixing a chipped tooth helps many people function better as well, and many people report being able to chew food better, drink beverages that are hot and cold without irritation and speak more clearly.

Treatment options for a chipped tooth

The treatment for a chipped tooth depends on how severely broken the tooth is. If the tooth has only endured a minor chip or crack, then a dental filling or dental crown may be all that is needed to repair the concern. For moderately chipped teeth in which bonding or filing is not enough, a dental crown or dental veneers may be placed over the tooth for added protection. For the most severe chips in which the tooth becomes infected or the pulp is exposed, a root canal may be necessary.

How to avoid a chipped tooth

Of course, the best way to deal with a chipped tooth is to try and avoid it from happening in the first place. While doing so is not always possible and there are times when accidents happen, it is best to take every precaution possible to avoid the issue. Ways to avoid a chipped tooth include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wear a mouthguard for sports
  • Seek treatment for teeth grinding
  • Soften hard foods before eating
  • Visit the dentist regularly

Each person may have a different course of action for preventing a chipped tooth, and it is important to examine your lifestyle with a dentist.

Talk to a dentist about chipped tooth treatment

If you have suffered a chipped tooth and need treatment, consult with us today and schedule a time to come in for a visit. During your visit, we can assess the extent of the damage and determine the best course of treatment to repair the issue and provide you with a healthy set of teeth that look good and feel great.

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