Is One of Your Child’s Teeth Loose? 4 Tips for Pulling a Loose Tooth

Is One of Your Child’s Teeth Loose? 4 Tips for Pulling a Loose Tooth

Thinking about pulling a loose tooth from your child’s mouth? If so, there are a few things you should know first. Most children start losing their first set of teeth around the age of six, as this is a time when their permanent set of teeth begin to start growing in. As a child’s permanent teeth begin to grow in, this new set of teeth will start pushing the baby teeth out to make room.

Tips for pulling a loose tooth

While most people are probably familiar with old-fashioned ways of pulling out a loose tooth (e.g., tying a string to a doorknob, etc.), these old ways of pulling out loose teeth have been replaced with new ways of pulling out a child’s baby teeth. Understand that it is important not to force a child’s lose tooth out of their mouth before it is ready. The following is a list of four tips anyone can use to pull out one or more of their child’s loose teeth.

Tip #1 — Wash the hands, and then use a small cloth or tissue to get a good hold of the tooth. Gently start to wiggle the tooth back and forth. If the tooth is indeed ready to come out, it will after a minute or two of wiggling.

Tip #2 — Give the child hard foods to eat, e.g. carrots, apples, pears, etc.

Tip #3 — Wrap dental floss around the tooth to get a better grip and then gently pull.

Tip #4 — If the child is in pain because their tooth will not come out, then it may be necessary to make an appointment with a dental professional in order to properly remove the child’s baby tooth.

Have any questions for us?

If you are not comfortable pulling a loose tooth from your child’s mouth, it will simply fall out on its own in due time. However, when a child has a tooth that is loose, it is difficult for them to leave it alone. And that’s okay. If you happen to have any questions we can answer for you, simply give us a call when you have a couple of minutes. We have a great and caring dental team who can take care of both you and your child’s dental health.

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