Is There An Age Limit For Getting Mini Dental Implants?

Is There An Age Limit For Getting Mini Dental Implants?

Wondering what your options are when you are missing teeth? Mini dental implants can often be used for those who are missing teeth when regular-sized dental implants are not an option. This smaller implant version is often the perfect size for those whose mouth is not able to support the larger implants, which means that patients who are in need of dentures or bridges still have this option available to them. If you are currently missing teeth and are wondering if smaller implants are a better choice for you, making an initial consultation with a dental expert is your next step.

Mini dental implants are the perfect solution when it is determined that a dental patient does not make a good candidate for regular-sized dental implants. Call us now with any questions you may have.

What exactly are mini dental implants?

Dental implants are used when someone is missing teeth and are in need of a bridge, denture, more that will replace these missing teeth. The implants are implanted into the jawbone as an anchor so that bridges, dentures and more have something to attach to, which means that the dental device the patient is wearing will stay exactly where it is supposed to. This smaller implant choice is very similar to regular-sized implants and the reason why a dentist would need to use smaller implants is because the dental patient either does not have the adequate bone mass to support regular-sized implants or they are wanting to avoid the invasive surgery larger implants require.

Regular-sized implants also tend to take two or three dental visits to complete the process. Mini implants are often done in only one dental appointment, making this a preferred option for those who live very busy lives.

Age limit for dental implants?

While there really is no age limit for someone who is in need of dental implants, the patient does need to be in overall good health. Many patients who are 70 and even 80 years of age and older who are in need of dental implants make a great candidate because they have been taking good care of their oral health over the years. When someone is in good overall health it is highly likely that they will qualify for most dental treatments.

Got questions?

If you are missing teeth and would like more information on whether mini dental implants are indeed a good option for you, please call us at your earliest convenience so you can discuss your particular situation with a professional dentist. This smaller implant choice is often preferred by those who are looking to avoid any invasive dental procedures. And the fact that the entire process can often be done in only one dental appointment is very exciting for those who find it difficult to find the time to make it to the dentist’s office.

Ready to take the next step towards replacing your missing teeth? Your oral health needs to be a top priority. Call us today (630) 364-2554!


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