Laminate Veneers – Who Makes A Good Candidate?

Laminate Veneers – Who Makes A Good Candidate?

If you are someone who has been doing a little research so that you can learn about some of the best ways to improve your smile, you now know that laminate veneers are one of the best smile improvement options a dentist can offer you. The fact that veneers have been used in the cosmetic dentistry as a permanent smile improvement option for almost 40 years means that there has been plenty of time for this cosmetic dental option to be perfected, and it has. While the majority of dental patients will indeed be a good candidate, not everyone will qualify for this cosmetic dental treatment.

Ready to find out whether or not you would be a good candidate? All you have to do is call to schedule a quick consultation appointment.

What exactly are laminate veneers?

They are extremely thin shells made using a super strong porcelain that attach directly to the front of the teeth. The dentist will custom make each one so that it can fit perfectly to the tooth, which is then attached using a special dental glue. They are a great option when it comes to covering up a variety of tooth imperfections, like chips and stains. The fact that this smile makeover option is not only minimally invasive but also instant makes this a dental procedure that is quite popular amongst those who tend to have very busy lives.

Who makes a good candidate for laminate veneers?

One of the most important things a dentist will look for in a potential candidate is healthy teeth and healthy gums. If the patient happens to have any oral issues going on, like tooth decay, the dentist will first need to correct these issues. If the patient is a teeth grinder or jaw clencher they may not make a good candidate because these actions can cause a lot of strain, causing the veneers to ultimately break.

Because this particular procedure is permanent, anyone who is considering this cosmetic dental option needs to understand that the veneers may need to be replaced over time. The fact that the dentist removes a layer of the tooth enamel in order to attach the veneers means that the patient will need to choose veneers again, or a similar option that the dentist can suggest.

Ready for a new smile?

Improving your overall smile is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. No one should have to feel like they need to hide their smile and that is why we offer a variety of professional smile makeover options. If you have been waiting to find the right dental procedure in order to get your smile fixed, laminate veneers just may be your best option. In order to find out for sure, call us today so that we can schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.


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