Missing a few teeth? No problem

Missing a few teeth No problem

In the movies, dentures fly out at the most inopportune moments such as blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, while speaking during an important meeting, or flying out in a car accident. In the real world, dentures are an alternative treatment to dental implants that are customized to each patient’s mouth and will not fly out at every given chance.

Dentures are not what you think

With the advancements in dental technology, partial dentures are one of several solutions for people who are missing a tooth or several teeth. Most people associate denture as only a complete set of teeth. Although dentures are customizable for each patient, it is not always the recommended procedure.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry or AAID writes that “Removable partial dentures don’t require grinding down adjacent teeth but are not nearly as stable or comfortable as dental implants.” While they are a cheaper option, dentures may not be the best fit for the patient. Dental implants are a stronger, sturdier, and more natural-looking solution.

The website approved by the American Dental Association, mouthhealthy.org, lists what a patient can expect after receiving a pair of partial dentures. “In the beginning, your new partial denture may feel awkward or bulky,” mouthhealthy.org writes. The process of inserting or removing the partial denture may also require some practice.

Cleaning the denture will also require you to remove the denture and “Brush the denture each day to remove food deposits and plaque.” Some people may have trouble changing to this frequent cleaning regimen and will cause their partial dentures to stain or take on damage. An implant can help a patient avoid much of this hassle.

Find the solution that is best for you

The AAID describes dental implants as, “A cylindrical and/or tapered post, usually made of titanium, that serves as a substitute for the tooth root.” The AAID considers implants as the best solution for missing teeth, explaining that, “A dental implant is placed in the jawbone so that it can fuse with your natural bone and become a strong and sturdy foundation for replacement teeth.”

With the strong foundation, patients will be able to eat what they want and not worry about damaging the implant. As long as one takes care of a dental implant, the future is a bright one with less of a chance of needing to replace the implant later on.

Before deciding if dentures or implants are the best choices for you, seek the opinion of a professional dentist. A professional will be able to take all factors into account before giving a diagnosis, from your current health to cost concerns.

If dentures are the best option for your situation, they will not be as bad as one might believe. Wearing dentures or other oral appliances is not the problem that movies make it out to be. Seek a consultation and regain the complete smile you have been missing.

ATI Dental Care

At ATI Dental Care in Naperville, IL, we will customize your treatment to match your needs and schedule. Our professional staff will go over any important facts you need to know about your treatment.

If you have any questions or are unsure of what is causing the pain in your teeth, do not hesitate to call us. We will answer any questions and make sure you get the help to feel comfortable with your treatment. We can help prevent any constant damage to your teeth and set you on track for a lifetime of pristine oral health.

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