Planning for a Dental Checkup? Here is What Happens

Posted on: December 17, 2018


Seeing your dentist for regular dental checkups keeps your teeth healthy. It’s no secret. We all want that perfect smile, and this is the first step.

Teeth need daily oral hygiene to prevent acid erosion, bacteria build up and diseases which may cause stains, cavities and tooth loss. Most importantly, regular dental checkups can help keep your teeth healthy by identifying problems before they develop.

Keep reading if you are planning to visit a dentist for the first time and want to find out what exactly happens during a dental check-up.

What happens during a dental checkup?

Firstly, it is best to schedule a dental checkup with an office that offers top-notch dental services. Starting with the clinic’s reception, its ambiance and staff, you should feel comfortable before scheduling for an appointment.

Look at the dentist’s reviews and ask friends about their experiences to find the best office.

Meet the receptionist

When you arrive at your checkup, the first person to meet is the receptionist. They get the relevant information from the patient and coordinate payments. After recording your details into their system, the receptionist will direct you to the examination room.

Meet the dental assistant

The next person to come across inside the examination room is the dental hygienist. The assistant will ask questions about your medical history since it might be your first visit to the clinic. This information helps the dental team address concerns and complications that may occur during the visit.

Teeth cleaning

Once all the formalities are sorted out, the dentist and the hygienist will begin doing a thorough cleaning of your mouth. They will start by scraping off tartar from your gums and then flossing the teeth to remove particles which may still be clinging on.

Also, they will give the teeth a smooth, stylish finish using tooth polish. This helps get rid of residue that might have been missed during the cleaning process.

Teeth examination

Now that your teeth are squeaky clean, the dentist will take a closer look at each tooth to see if there are any problem areas inside the mouth. A metal probe with a small mirror attached to one end is used during the examination to see behind the teeth and gums.

The dentist will also be on the lookout for sores, redness and swelling in gums. Finally, they will check the mouth’s periodical pockets.

Dental X-rays

If the dentist suspects that there are some issues which are not visible, they will recommend a digital X-ray. The X-ray process involves biting a plastic piece while the imaging machine is placed on your cheek. This will give the dentist a view of how your teeth sit inside your gums.

After completing the dental checkup, the dentist will explain their findings and recommend the next steps to take.

Are you ready for your checkup?

We understand that you may be nervous about your visit. If you still have questions, contact our office to get more information.

Request an appointment here: or call ATI Dental Care at (630) 228-7046 for an appointment in our Naperville office.

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