Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Myths and Facts

Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Myths and Facts

Wanting some information on the topic of wisdom tooth extractions? Whether you think you need to have one or more of your wisdom teeth pulled or you are just looking for information, the more you understand about your good dental health, the better. Since there is a lot of information out there on extracting teeth, it can be difficult to know what is a myth and what is a fact. Ready to learn more about these myths and facts so you can understand the difference between what is untrue and what is true? Great!


The following are a couple of myths about extracting wisdom teeth:

Everyone has to have their wisdom teeth extracted

This myth stems from the fact that some people do not have enough room in their mouth to accommodate their wisdom teeth. This often makes it necessary for a dental professional to extract the wisdom teeth so this extra set of molars does not create problems by making the rest of the teeth crooked.

Smoking and/or drinking a little after the procedure is fine

After someone has one of their wisdom teeth extracted, their aftercare instructions will include no smoking and no drinking alcohol for a certain period of time. While those who smoke and/or drink alcohol often think that if they only smoke or drink a little then it is fine, it is not; smoking and/or drinking too soon after the extraction can lead to an infection.


The following are a couple of facts about extracting wisdom teeth:

Wisdom teeth do not always have to be removed before getting braces

Just because someone is undergoing orthodontic treatment for braces does not mean that they will need to have their wisdom teeth extracted before getting the braces. Many times, the wisdom teeth can stay and will be included in their overall orthodontic treatment plan.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical process

Extracting a wisdom tooth is a surgical process, as it is often necessary for a dental professional to surgically cut the wisdom tooth out of the patient's mouth. Conversely, extracting a molar is known as a simple extraction and requires a dental professional to use a special dental tool in order to simply pull the tooth out.

Have any questions for us?

If you happen to have any questions about wisdom tooth extractions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. As you can see by the information above, it is important for you to understand both the myths and facts about your wisdom teeth, as this allows you to have a better understanding of what it takes for you to be in good overall oral health. If your wisdom teeth have already grown in and you are currently not experiencing any oral problems, then it is likely that you will not have to have your wisdom teeth extracted. In order for you to know for sure, making an appointment with a dental professional is required.

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