Braces in Naperville, IL

Braces in Naperville, IL

Do you have a tooth that puts you in an awkward position and needs to be moved to a better place? Or do you have gaps between your teeth? If so, we can help you get rid of these issues with a fixed orthodontic appliance called braces.

Braces are the most popular orthodontic appliances and can be used to treat different kinds of dental issues. It is a highly customizable and effective orthodontic device that can treat almost any type of dental problem. It can also be used to treat various teeth misalignments and make your smile look perfect. As a disclaimer, Dr. Kak is a general dentist with specialized training in Orthodontics. She is not a licensed Orthodontist.

Why should you choose braces?

  • Braces are made up of highly durable material that ensures they stay strong throughout your treatment period.
  • They are highly effective in treating dental problems such as overcrowded teeth, gapped teeth, misaligned teeth, etc.
  • The procedure involved in getting them may require numerous visits, as suggested by your dentist.
  • They will get comfortable over time.

How are braces placed?

When you visit our dental practice for the initial consultation, our dentist will thoroughly screen your mouth and diagnose the condition. We will use x-rays and scans to get a better view of your mouth and diagnose the condition in detail. Based on the observations made during the initial screening, we will create a suitable treatment plan for you that will address all the defects in your dental structure. Based on this plan, we will suggest getting braces for you. In some cases, we may suggest getting Invisalign instead of metal braces as they treat similar dental issues but offer a better solution than conventional braces do. Therefore, if you want an aesthetically pleasing smile with no metal brackets or wires showing on your teeth, Invisalign may be the right solution for you.

During the next appointment, we will cleanse your teeth thoroughly before placing the braces on them. Your teeth will feel a slight pulling sensation, but this feeling usually goes away after a few days of wearing them. The dentist will tighten them appropriately so that they move your teeth in the way you want them to move in the future. You will have to visit us twice every month during the entire treatment period so that we can check them and make any necessary changes if required. Once your treatment is completed successfully, we will take off the braces and suggest suitable oral care practices so that you can keep your newly aligned teeth healthy for a long time. 

Please reach out to our dental practice at (630) 364-2554 or schedule an appointment online with Dentist in Naperville IL, so we can guide you further.


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