Lumineers in Naperville, IL

Lumineers in Naperville, IL

Lumineers are ceramic veneers that are used to treat cosmetic dental issues. They are custom-made and are the perfect solution for patients who wish to enhance their smile and get rid of their dental concerns. 

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are thin, transparent restorations that are made of an ultra-thin layer of porcelain. They are bonded to the surface of the teeth to cover small chips, cracks, and any other minor imperfections. The bonding material is biocompatible and mimics the appearance of your natural tooth enamel.

What Are the Uses of Lumineers?

The primary use of Lumineers is to address cracked or chipped teeth. In some cases, Lumineers can be used to fill the spaces between adjacent teeth. They can also be used to fill gaps between the teeth and change their shape. 

What Is the Procedure for Lumineers?

The dentist will take an impression of the patient's teeth and send it to a dental laboratory for fabrication in accordance with your requirements. The entire procedure may take a few weeks, depending on the severity of your condition and your treatment plan. The dentist will place temporary Lumineers until your treatment is completed. 

What Are the Benefits of Lumineers?

The benefits of getting Lumineers are as follows:

  • Lumineers do not stain like other types of restorations. They remain as white as they were when you had them placed on your teeth.
  • Lumineers do not affect your oral health. They do not include any metal components, making them a suitable choice for those who have sensitive teeth.
  • Lumineers can be removed with a simple procedure if required in the future. You can choose to have them removed or replaced with a permanent restoration if you wish to do so. 
  • The results from Lumineers last for ten years with proper dental care and maintenance.

Is It Essential to Have Lumineers Re-Applied After Ten Years?

No, it is not essential to replace your Lumineer restorations every ten years. However, taking care of them is essential as they can be prone to stains as well as wear and tear with time, just like natural teeth. It is essential to visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and consultations to ensure that they remain in good condition and do not require replacement sooner than ten years. 

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